BEST of 2017 Comments, Rules, and Need To Know…

So, I’m getting ready to drop my annual BEST OF LISTS for the year. I wanted to take a moment to explain more about how I make the lists, what my criteria are, and other information about them that you may want to know before we get into the gist of the lists.

As a radio show host and music reviewer, I receive a ton of music from labels, PR, and other sources. This music is varied across multiple genres, which is why I make multiple lists according to those genres.

This year there will be seven lists. Those lists will be:

1) Rap/Hip Hop

2) Rock

3) Hard Rock

4) Heavy Metal

5) Modern Rock

6) Southern Rock/Blues

7) Country/Americana/Bluegrass

CRITERIA for making list:

  • Must be a FULL LENGTH record released in 2017  (min. of 8 songs)
  • Must be comprised of a majority of original music
  • Must have received from either label, PR, or personal recommendation which led to personal purchase
  • Must NOT be a re-issue, best of, live, or rarities box set.
  • Record sales will have little to do with making the list

Each record will then be judged on how well I liked the record according to personal taste, how much I played it, and the impression that it left on me overall.

I will list them in reverse order, starting with 30 and counting down to the #1 spot, each with a short entry about the record along with the record cover.

Lastly, my goal is to highlight what I consider to be the best of the best for the year as well as turning you onto new music as a potential listener and music purchaser!


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