More Content Coming

I know this site has been woefully lacking content for a good while now. I promise, I’m working on getting stuff over here. I’ll be uploading older reviews soon as well as new ones.

We also have the Year end BEST of lists as well. Y’all KNOW you look forward to that every year. This year has been a monster year for new release so the lists are going to be pretty extensive this year.

I also am getting back into LIVE radio very soon, so the podcasts of the shows will be here as well.It’s an exciting time and the new year is going to be bigger than ever for me on the music front.

I’m pretty lost when it comes to the whole THEME/CSS thing when it comes to WP. I’m trying to learn but there’s just so much to it that I feel lost.

Stick around though, In the end, I WILL get this thing to where I want it!

Just a Start…

Well, here’s to new beginnings! I trashed the old site and am bringing this one back as the one stop site for all things related to my writing, written reviews, music news, and other assorted stuff that I want to post here.

If you know me, you know that I’m a bit random and you never know what may appear here!

So, welcome! Music is my religion and it’s time to start the Worship!