A Night With Dream Theater at The Fillmore, Detroit, MI 04/02/18

Let me start this by saying Dream Theater is one of those bands that I have always respected but don’t really listen to all that much. I was sent a review copy of their new CD and was blown away by the record. So much so, I immediately wanted to see them live for the first time. My friend Plankey is one of the world’s biggest Dream Theater fans so I figured I’d just tag along with him to the show, since I all but knew he’d be there.

We arrived at the Fillmore easily enough. The wait outside wasn’t terrible, getting through the security part was painless, and were ushered to our seats by a nice guy that encouraged us to take plenty of pictures but NO live video was allowed.

The Fillmore is a beautiful theater and I couldn’t imagine a better place for a band like DT to play. It really matches the beauty and dynamics of their music. The band hit the stage promptly at 8 pm, as advertised, and launched into the first part of the show. Not being super familiar with their back catalogue, I’m not really sure which songs they were playing but I can tell you the crowd was TOTALLY into them and I was pretty damn in awe of their flawless musicianship! The band is a well oiled machine that didn’t miss a beat. They played 6 songs as the first part of the show, including two songs from the new album, Falling In Reverse and Pale Blue Dot. The band then took a small intermission to reset for the second part of the show, which is them playing the entire Scenes From A Memory record with full animation movie as a backdrop.

The second part of the show, where the band performed the entire Scenes From A Memory record, was breathtaking and a true site to behold. The animation movie that played during the show was almost as interesting as watching the band themselves. I’d truly love to see it released as an actual video. It’s easily on par with Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” Not being allowed to take video of the show kind of sucked as I really wanted to capture some of the animation that was going on. I will say, if you get a chance to see this show, do it! It’s a one of a kind experience!

The band was flawless, the music emotional, and the crowd was definitely into it! It definitely will NOT be the last time that I see them. I will add that one part of the show, their performance of the song, Through Her Eyes, had me in tears. I won’t go into details why, just suffice it to say…if you’ve ever lost a child, be prepared to cry like a total baby!

MY FINAL IMPRESSIONS: I have a new found respect for the band, as a whole, but especially for the talents of keyboardist Jordan Rudess. The guy is a freaking machine! I can totally see why he’s considered one of the premiere players in the world! Drummer Mike Mangini was also a complete beast! His drum set was massive and I was exhausted just watching him play the damn thing! As I said before, the animation was a show by itself.I really do hope the band releases it as a long form video at some point. Trust me when I say, Disney doesn’t have anything on whoever put that together for the band!

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